Chenoa Fawn turns seven!

Entry: Chenoa’s Chronicle
Turns Seven! Promotion

Slight Internet glitch… Got to love working outside… Please refrain from entering until further updated 🙂
Entry is almost open. Competition closes Australian Eastern Standard Time on… th December 2017 at 4PM.

Terms and conditions as per standard Australian game of skill. Entry open to residents of Australia, Italy, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom only.


Email TBC AT_SIGN Google mail DOT com with the following details for your chance to win a prize (to be confirmed).

One prize winner per country as limited by the list of countries above.

Thank you for your loyalty 🙂

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Sincere thanks to my readers. I’ve been writing content for longer than I care to admit here and on this platform since the Year of the OX. That was also the year that Liberty’s crown reopened to the public.

I’ve paid my own way in life and here and while I wholeheartedly endorse WordPress as it currently stands I’m switching gears…

Customization and my independent domain name will fall away to give me bandwidth for other work.

I will continue to create under my name and,  of course,  as a surrogate for other worthy people.


Special thanks to David and Rob for design assistance.

May you all be merry.