PhD in Progress

As it has been an entire year since my last post, I thought I’d give you a quick update and assure you that new (and exciting) posts are not too far away at all.

This year I am finishing my doctoral thesis (in English literature). Everything else in life has had to take a back seat while I focus on this task. I thank everyone in my life for their patience with me over the last few years! I am happy to say that I have just sent a trusted early reader the first chapter for review and will shortly be sending more chapters. Once I consolidate all the feedback, make changes to the draft and eat lots of chocolate to keep my spirits up, I will finally be in a position to formally submit my thesis for examination. So please hang in there as it will only be a few short months before I am able to return to my creative writing and this chronicle with renewed fervour.

It has not been a case of all work and no fun. One related literary highlight of the year has been the delicious gorging on all things Shakespeare for the four hundredth commemoration of his death.




I had the privilege of handling the first folio and viewing all four folios earlier this year at the State Library of New South Wales. I’ve snuck in one theatre experience already this year and I’m looking forward to seeing Twelfth Night at Belvoir later this year.

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