Postcard from Paris (MMXV)

I’m about to take a fast train across the channel and leave my beloved Paris. Research here has progressed well (more on that later). There’s been time for a handful of gastronomic indulgences: bread, cheese, and frites; chocolate and soufflé.



Soufflé with a hint of Grand Marnier.

The taste of tome fraîche folded into mashed potato, the sight of curls of foliage in an illuminated manuscript, the feel of a fifteenth century wooden handrail as I climbed a staircase into the past; these memories and more board this train with me.


Chenoa sign g

Postcard from Rome (MMXV)

Buon Anno!

I’ve spent an intense and unforgettable few weeks researching in the “Eternal” city of Rome. I’ve devoured mountains of pasta and enjoyed the company of new friends. I feel fortunate to have had another chance to explore Rome’s cultural riches.


Arrivederci, Roma!

I’m off to the next city on this non-stop itinerary. I’ll be sure to write more once I’m home.

May we all make the most of 2015,

Chenoa sign g