The first leaf

Welcome to my Chronicle.

I hope you enjoy the following glimpses into the research and writing towards my first historical novel. Here are some tidbits about me:

– I have a soft spot for craftsmanship including (but not limited to) woodwork, metalwork, period embroidery, and of course the craft of writing. I don’t claim to be any good at any craft other than the latter.

– I adore fine stationery. I was the person who wrote to their foreign penpal on delicate paper rather than chat with them online. I am the person who already has the next journal to seamlessly move to once the pages of the current (embossed) journal are full of ink.

– I have experienced as much of life as possible. In hindsight I’ve been filing away compelling characters, locations, humorous incidents and foreign experiences in the recesses of my mind for years. I’ve had ample opportunity to observe blossoming relationships and family dramas while working in retail during the senior years of high school and then in hospitality as an undergraduate. The banter at the barista’s bench, the scenes playing out beyond the waiter’s tray and the machinations of the corridors of corporations are all grist for a writer.

– I maintain my Russian Caravan tea habit through freelance copywriting, research and teaching.

This is not a diary. That, dear reader, is somewhere on my bedside table (typically two or three deep beneath volumes of fiction and non-fiction). This chronicle will chart inspiration, tastes, and other writing related experiences.

Happy reading,

Chenoa sign g