The Write Stuff: Part III

Good writing requires a certain frame of mind. It is difficult to conjure magic when there are muddy-pawed dogs (or children) underfoot, neighbours renovating at ungodly hours, and a long list of tedious but important things you can’t ignore forever. In an ideal world you’d delegate the chores Downtown Abbey style and ring for a masseur to sooth your polo pinched nerves. Fortunately, you don’t have to have much to access a clear, calm sense of being. What you do need is a clean cup.

You can be behind in your taxes, have a birthday party to organize and a basket of delicates to hand wash but if you’ve got a favourite mug ready to receive steaming coffee or iced tea you can regain focus.

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I’ve only recently realised that, by example, my grandmother taught me the art of tea appreciation. I’m not talking about knowing your Oolong from your Russian Caravan. I’m talking about the ritual nature of making and enjoying a cuppa (as Australians call it). She used tea leaves and an appropriately sized tea pot. Her tank water always tasted better than my city equivalent. Whether you were the plumber or family you’d be drinking from bone china. Homemade biscuits weren’t for dunking (more because they never survived long enough once set down). Did we stop for twenty minutes? An hour? Time seemed less of a concern when tea was taken in this way.

The Chinese and Japanese Tea Ceremonies are the extreme (and very pleasant) examples of how to enjoy your brew. They are mesmerizing to watch and calming to perform.

An expert demonstrating the art of tea appreciation at Zensation Tea House Surry Hills.

The next time you find it difficult to switch on your writing brain, take more than a moment to smell those tea leaves …

This is the third in a series of posts about those unassuming objects that make a writer’s life better. Countless blogs have covered the basics of what to write with and where. I’ll be sharing an assortment of items that don’t come immediately to mind when you think ‘What do I need to be a writer?’. If you missed the first post, you can read it here.

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2 Responses to “The Write Stuff: Part III”
  1. Scribbler says:

    Wonderful advice! I have recently started drinking tea, and my writing has picked up as well!

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