The Write Stuff: Part I

Cyclists have stinky ones. Weight lifters have ones with the backs cut out. Madonna wore lacy ones. Michael Jackson liked them in leather.

I prefer mine to be made from soft natural fibres like merino or cashmere.

As I type this it’s a wintery day in Sydney but my hands are snug inside an angora wool pair of charcoal fingerless gloves that I picked up in mid year sales. The government here has just introduced the carbox tax (with pundits projecting massive increases in the cost of electricity in the coming years). Thanks to my finger warmers (and my fleecy top) I’m only just turning the heater on as the sun goes down.

This is the first in a series of posts about those unassuming objects that make a writer’s life better. Countless blogs have covered the basics of what to write with and where. I’ll be sharing an assortment of items that don’t come immediately to mind when you think ‘What do I need to be a writer?’.

As someone who spends a lot of time typing, writing by hand and turning pages I need to keep my digits warm and functional. Some people manage to be both fashionable and comfortable. I’m aiming for the latter.

Image Source

I tend to pick simple accessories but I do think the following gloves are very tempting:

For pirate pinkies:

Image Source

Owl cosy:

Image Source

If I was writing a gothic romance these girls would double as inspiration.

Image Source


I ❤ my glovelettes. They make me a warmer writer.

Throwing down the gauntlet, how do you keep your writing paws warm?

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10 Responses to “The Write Stuff: Part I”
  1. Beatifully put! Looking forward to more of these posts :) Feels really good to be back on the blogosphere and reading your posts :)

  2. Adina West says:

    Shame on me. I could be wearing beautiful fingerless gloves and instead I heat the whole house…

    The glove option is much more environmentally responsible!

    Actually, I blame my husband – he loves a warm house. I’m happy to wear an extra jumper and put on my ugg boots…

    You know, I can’t go there anymore because I’m a recovering addict, but they do have some STUNNING fingerless gloves on Etsy. Hand knitted or crocheted by hand of course. Definitely worthy of any wish list…

  3. Janet says:

    I love these for writing. I used them all winter.

  4. Sue Crawford says:

    I am typing with fingerless gloves right now – and at night when brain can’t type any more sense, knitting another pair in wool/cashmere -

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