Transit of Venus 2012: View from Sydney Observatory

My family was up before sunrise and into the city this morning to see the Transit of Venus through a solar telescope at the Sydney Observatory with other enthusiasts. There was plenty of cloud cover and as yesterday was a wash out it was uncertain whether we’d get to see what we came for. Thankfully the clouds parted in time!

The transit is still taking place (make sure you view it properly as per below). Here is what we saw through one of the telescopes set up on the lawns of the historic observatory in the cool morning air (just after 9am local time):

The camera doesn’t do justice to what I saw but it’s a memento nonetheless.

Happy birthday Dad! I’m glad you enjoyed your present xoxo

NASA EDGE is webcasting from Hawaii. More details here:

WARNING: Do not look at the Sun directly or through a normal telescope or binoculars. The Transit of Venus can only be safely viewed using a special solar telescope, solar binoculars or special solar glasses.

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2 Responses to “Transit of Venus 2012: View from Sydney Observatory”
  1. Trisha says:

    I saw a gorgeous moon on Saturday (I think) night, and realised only later what i’d been looking at ;) Didn’t see Venus, though, except on a website (maybe NASA?)

  2. chenoafawn says:

    Hi Trisha, hopefully you got to see the super moon back in May as well :)

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