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Writing is most definitely a craft but it’s not my only creative indulgence. Craft, in the sense of handicraft, has brought me a lot of pleasure. I caught the craft bug from my grandmother who bothered to create little curtains for the Doll’s house my father built me. She taught me how to sew and knit and I spent many happy hours as the interior decorator of the first house I ever “owned”. I was so young that I’m not sure how much I actually sewed or just helped her sew but the tenant doll ended up with a pink bed and matching quilt and teeny tiny pillows.

Photo © Chenoa Fawn

Other pursuits took over in my teens but I eventually returned to craft in the form of card maker extraordinaire (okay I’m over selling my card making abilities but my family and friends have treasured/recycled many cards crafted by yours truly). My embossing gun hasn’t seen much action for awhile and I forgot to send most of my Christmas cards last year (the card stock is still waiting to escape the plastic sleeve warden). I have however found another outlet for my craft bent: bookmarks.

While I love my ereader, I don’t think I’ll ever give up on the printed word. Bookmarks still have a function in my household and I like them pretty thank you very much.

I’m not a bookmark snob. I’ve been known to use receipts, flowers, postcards and more as bookmarks. A quick survey of friends revealed leaves and photos as alternatives.

What’s your favoured form of bookmark?

I went through a phase where every time I bought a book I walked out of the store with a new bookmark too (I blame the twirly display placed cleverly at the cashier counter). I had a lot of bookmarks. I say had because, along with pulling all the books off every single bookshelf and giving the daringly resident spiders what for, I also recycled a bunch of bookmarks to clear the way for new life.

Here are some of the bookmarks I’ve crafted:


Photo © Chenoa Fawn


Photo © Chenoa Fawn

Snug as a bookmark in a good book!

Photo © Chenoa Fawn

In raving egomaniac style I put my own quotes on the back! Guess what the family will be getting this Christmas ;)

The winners of the Sibylline Syllables Turns One! competition will receive a handcrafted bookmark with their name on it and they’ll have a choice of tassel versus ribbon and paper pattern.

Are you crafty with more than words?

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